From: Randy Born (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1992 - 19:45:06 CST

How do I add a shoe box with a micropolis 1355 disk to an existing
sun3 sun with disk/tape in its shoe box.

I know that I should do :

3/60 (CPU) -----> shoe box to be added -----> existing shoe box {disk,tape}
                      TARGET 1 TARGET 0 , TARGET 4
                        sd2 sd0 , st0

but the question is how do I make the shoebox to be added become TARGET 1 , sd2
I do not have a Field Engineers Handbook and am hoping some one can tell me what
jumpers on the disk and/or scsi controllers I have to change.

Also how do I ( or is it required ) unterminate the shoe box to be added since
it will not be at the end of the scsi chain as it was.

( Doesn't matter I,m sure but SunOS 4.1.1 , sun 3/60 is in use )

                                                        My thanks in advance
                                                        ( as well as prayer )
                                                        for help or guidance

                                                        Randy Born
                                                        Chief Unix Gopher


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