Summary: How to convert Postscript to PBM and other formats

From: Pete Young (
Date: Sat Jul 11 1992 - 09:49:29 CDT

Thanks to everyone who replied to my request for information
about converting PostScript to pbm (and thence to gif) .

Please don't send me any more solutions - the summary is crossposted
so that everyone who saw the original message will stop sending me
solutions - disc space is finite :-)

The popular answer is to obtain an up to date version of Ghostscript,
which contains a postscript program called . The most
recent version is 2.4.1, which is available from a number of ftp sites.
This version will also produce output in .gif format, so the
.ps to .gif conversion canbe done without using PBMPLUS at all.

Another solution for non-ghostscript users is to edit the postscript file

  -- figure out the image dimensions and number of bits/pixel

  -- edit the PostScript file to remove all the crud above and including the
     PostScript `image' operator

  -- use psidtopgm <width> <height><bits/pixel> | pgmtogif to generate
     the .gif file

This will work only with monochorome images written using the PS
`readhexstring' operator. Thanks to Adrian Clark for this solution.

Thanks once again to all those who helped.

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