SUMMARY: Losing Execute Permissions on CD-ROMs

From: Mike Jipping (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1992 - 11:46:40 CDT

Thanks to everyone! It's great to come in in the morning to a pile
of solutions to a problem!

My original query:

> I mount a CD-ROM in the usual way:
> mount -t hsfs -r /dev/sr0 /cdrom
> with no errors. When I access the disk, I get NO EXECUTE PERMISSIONS on
> files that should have them. For instance, mounting the SUG CD-ROM
> 1992.1 (X11R5/GNU) and doing an "ls -l" on /cdrom/bin/x11 lists those
> files without execute permissions -- and I KNOW they used to be there!
> Can someone help me out here?
The answer is neatly given by Doug Neuhauser:

> Set the execute bits on /dev/sr0 (or /dev/srN for drive N). It is a
> "feature" of the hsfs that it picks up the attributes for the files on the
> hsfs volume from the driver file.
> eg: ls -l /dev/sr0
> br-xr-xr-x 1 root 18, 0 Feb 3 1992 /dev/sr0

Allan Schwartz also suggested setting the execute permissions of /dev/rsrN

That fixed it for me. My /dev/sr0 permissions were set for rw to all three groups
(why? who knows...).

Note that the permissions of the MOUNT POINT make no difference here. In fact,
the permissions change to reflect the permission on /dev/srN upon mounting, then
change back to their original mode upon unmounting. This confused me as I was
searching for a solution.

Thanks to the following respondents:
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