Summary: rpc.lockd: Cannot contact status monitor!

From: Peter N Lewis (
Date: Wed Oct 28 1992 - 18:36:42 CST

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(Peter N Lewis) wrote:
> This message keeps appearing on my console. I have no idea what I did to
> make it start, and I'd appreciate any ideas on how to make it go away...

Thats to all the people who responded. Here is a list of things to check:

Check the network configuration (ifconfig -a; netstat -r). This was in
fact my problem, routing was not working from my machine to one of the
interfaces, adding a host route from one interface IP to the other fixed
the problem.

rpc.lockd communicates with the machine named in /etc/hostname.le0, so
ensure that the file exists and has the correct hostname in it.

Make sure statd and lockd are running (ps -aux | grep rpc). A good bet is
to kill them and then restart first statd and then lockd.

Read sm(5) and possibly delete /etc/sm and /etc/sm.bak.

Thanks to Claus Assmann, Younus, Russell Mosemann, Alain Brossard, Ruth

Have fun all,

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