SUMMARY: Indentifying bad SIMM in an IPC

From: Kevin Elphinstone (
Date: Sun Nov 22 1992 - 21:51:49 CST

The original question was along the lines of:-

> Nov 18 13:46:39 mucket vmunix: Parity Error, ctx = 0x5, virt addr = 0xd911c
> Nov 18 13:46:39 mucket vmunix: pme = c3000b7e, phys addr = b7e11c
> I can't find a mapping from phys addr to SIMM in any of the docs I have.
> Could someone be kind enough to point out the simm corresponding to
> b7e11c.

The answer was obvious (apologies for wasting bandwidth):-

Use the PROM memory test and it will indicate which SIMM (if any) is
causing a problem.

It worked a charm.

Thanks to
Charles Grady <>

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