SUMMARY: undefined symbol in OW3.0 libs

From: Tatsuo Ishii (
Date: Wed Dec 23 1992 - 00:25:39 CST

Original question:
>When I tried to make xfig on my SS2+4.1.3+OW3.0 (I'm not using MIT
>X11R4), I had following problems:
>cc -o xfig d_arc.o d_arcbox.o d_box.o d_ellipse.o d_epsobj.o d_intspline.o d_li
>[[ staff deleted ]]
>-O -lXaw -lXmu -lXt -lXext -lX11 -lm
>ld: Undefined symbol
> _get_wmShellWidgetClass
> _get_applicationShellWidgetClass
>*** Error code 2
>make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `xfig'
>"libXt Jumbo patch"(100512-02) coming with the 4.1.3 release CD-ROM
>didn't help.
>Any ideas?

I received 21 replies. These suggestions fell into 3 categories:

(1) Just ignore the error. Those functions are rarely used.

(2) Use static link like "-Bstatic -lXmu -Bdynamic."

(3) Apply another patch 100573-03.

(1) was unacceptable for me because make fails. (2) seemed to work if
I don't mind to modify Imakefile. Consequently, I tried (3) and it
worked fine! (Mark Mann) kindly sent me the
patch. Thank you! FYI, I include README from the patch at the end of
this message. Hope this helps.

I would like to thank the following people who responded: (Peter Dalg}rd)
Wilson N G <> (Robert N. Thompson) (Judy Russell) (Mark Mann) (Todd Pfaff) (E P Tinnel) (Ernie Cisneros)
Ted Nolan SRI Ft Bragg <> (Dawn Endico)
Nick Cuccia <>
Claus Assmann <>
dale@kcsun.Central.Sun.COM (Dale Somer Sun Kansas City SE) (Stephen Brooks) (Thomas Havlovec) (Michiel Steltman)
Ian Daniel <> (Max Lanfranconi - R and D)
Karl Heinz Kremer QA <khk@raster.Kodak.COM> (Robert M. Kuhn)

------------------ README ------------------------
Patch-ID# 100573-03
Keywords: libxmu, shared, symbols, patch, ld, cte2336, libXmu, undefined, 100170-06
Synopsis: OpenWindows 3.0: ld patch 100170-06 causes undefined symbols when used with shared libXmu
Date: 08-Jul-92
SunOS release: 4.1.1, 4.1.2
Unbundled Product: OpenWindows
Unbundled Release: 3.0
Topic: Patch for libXmu
BugId's fixed with this patch: 1087332

Architectures for which this patch is available: sun4

Patches which may conflict with this patch:

Obsoleted by:

Files included with this patch:,

Problem Description: With patched ld and libc, customer is getting undefined symbols


This is the only patch needed to fix libXmu problem.
Please back up all the patches you may apply in attempt to fix
libXmu previously.

        1) Backup all patches you may already install in attempt
           to fix libXmu problem
        2) cd to $OPENWINHOME/lib
        3) su to root
        4) mv libXmu.a libXmu.a.fcs
        5) cp patchdir/libXmu.a libXmu.a
           cp patchdir/
        6) chmod 644 libXmu.a
        7) ranlib -t libXmu.a

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