Summary: sendmail: transient parse error

From: Martin Meadows (
Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 15:01:13 CDT

Well, it looks like this was a pretty tough or unusual problem
because I only received one response. Usually this listserv swamps
me with responses ... which is probably an indication that my
questions are usually too easy. Not this time. On the brighter
side, the answer I received from Charly Jacob was the one correct one.

Sendmail guru Wendy at sun tech support actually solved the problem
first (because I called them and asked for assistance). Wendy's
fix was essentially the same as the one that Charly sent. Here's
Charly's solution to my "transient parse error" problem in sendmail:

>yes, i have. take a look at the bug id: 1259699 on sunsolve
>for more info, but i've copied the synopsis below. we ended
>up using this solution to resolve our problem. hope it helps.
>} Synopsis: Transient parse error when using NIS prevents sendmail outside
>} the domain
>} Work Around:
>} comment out these two lines in the subsidiary file (
>} # optimize names of known ethernet hosts
>} R$*<@$%l.LOCAL>$* $#ether $@$2 $:$1<@$2>$3
>} # local host that has a MX record
>} R$*<@$%x.LOCAL>$* $#ether $@$2 $:$1<@$2>$3
>} 1/2/97-hackley
>} I also had to comment out the %l lookup INSIDE the domain and relay
>} all other mail to the DR host:
>} # arrange for local names to be fully qualified
>} R$*<@$%l>$* $1<@$2.LOCAL>$3 user@etherhost

Thanks Wendy & Charly!

Marty Meadows

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