Summary:RAID Manager 6.22 on Solaris 8

Ricky Kris rickytc60 at
Sat Nov 3 09:31:46 EST 2001


I got some responses minutes after the posting - thanx

German, Vinnie
Fred Hall
Jez Ahl
Fredrik Robertsson
Matthew Atkinson
Simon McCartney
John Martinez
Kevin Buterbaugh
Kwanghoon Jhin
Steve Hammond
Eric Horne
Joe Fletcher

Here are the results:

RAID manager works fine with Soalris 8 with
recommended patch 108553-07.

(I managed to set up a test environment and run the
upgrade. )

When the OS is upgraded 2.6 to Solaris 8 the RAID
manager does not show the LUNs and the recovery GURU 
cannot fix the problem. The format command shows the
lun that has a file system created on it. 
After an OS upgrade the RAID manager package has to be
removed and re-installed. Then the LUNs can be seen.
(Reading the upgrade guide is one of the keys!!!) 
Also, 6.22.1 is documented to work(and works fine)
with Solaris 8 without any patches.

The required patches for 6.22 to work on Solaris 8



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