SUMMARY: Problems with Sun Storage Volume Manager

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Original question was:

We have two sun enterprise 3500 connected to two sun storage arrays a5000.
We use the sun storage manager for creating logical volumes. Now seven disks
are not properly included in some disk groups. If i look at the attributes of
disks, i missing some attributes like num of cylinders, heads and so on.
But the disks are working. I use format to look at the partition and analyzing
there are no problems at all.
How can i refresh the disk information (its called disk access database) at the
storage manager tool.

The solution is, that one server and one A5000 was gone from the net without
shutting down the mirror. The other
server and A5000 keeped running. From this moment the mirror was inconsistent.
After clearing the failure flags
and rebooting  the second server the mirror synced and all works fine again.

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