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Mark Gosselin gosselinm at
Thu Nov 8 08:37:52 EST 2001


In the first hour alone I got 15 replies.... Most people suggested
(correctly) setting the auto-reboot? flag
to false, powering on and off. This boots to the ok> prompt. At this point
I was able to run probe-scsi and
find all my devices.

Thanks to all who answered.

Mark Gosselin
NetScout Systems

Original post:

I'm trying to install a new version of Solaris on an Ultra Enterprise 2
that has an external
SCSI CDROM. Logic would say run a probe-scsi and install from the device
for the CD.

However, getting to the  ok> prompt seems to be a problem. Using Stop-A or
halt causes
the system to hang when running probe-scsi. What other way is there to get
to that prompt??

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