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Hi again,

First , thanks to all those replied to me question :
Anil Sreedharan 
Steve hunt 
Peter Stokes

I have found the solution by doing a df -k which shows me a 100% / fully equpied directory, I have freed some space and bang it was able to detect it after issuing the boot -r that works for me .

Thanks again for all of you,
Ali Almutawa
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  I have an Ultra 2 machine and it is working with a single 4GB hard disk , I've tried to insert another 18GB hard disk and done both reset-all , probe-scsi-all and boot -r but none of them enables me to detect the new hard disk , if I do Format command , I will see the old disk only . Might this be a limitation of Ultra 2 to accept an 18 GB disk or there is another trick to solve this problem.

  2- My machine has no cdrom in it , I need to know the command to use another machines cdrom to reinstall a new operating system. As far as I know that during installation, my server will loose reachability with the network , is there other way to do this other than using a Jumpstart server ?

  Thanks in advance.
  Ali Almutawa
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