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Wed Nov 21 10:46:51 EST 2001

finally a summary for this.  my apologies if you feel this doesn't
belong here.  also, i should have mentioned that we're located in

here are some of the recommendations:
      Livewire Computer Solutions
      80 Galaxy, Unit 6&7
      "speak to Dennis or Steve."

      Network Media
       - contact ken jones <netmed at>

      In Vancouver contact: GE Capital
			    Vernon Rentals.

      Dylby Computer Solutions
      266 Rutherford Rd. S. Unit 21
      Brampton Ontario L6W 3X3
      Contact: Louis Machado
      Phone: 905-453-0040
      Fax: 905-453-0041
      E-mail: lmachado at

Livewire was mentioned by 4 people, and Network Media by two others.

Non-Canadian firms mentioned:
      PH. 1-866-226-6344 Ext. 228
      PH. 1-231-922-0831 Ext. 228
      Fax 1-866-922-0841 or

      R2 Technology
      (in Michigan)
      Ph. 616.554.3178      "Ask for Troy or Kurt."

      Security Computer Sales
      2340 County Road J
      White Bear Lake MN 55110
      (Phone) 651 653 5200
      (Fax)   651 653 4300
      Contact: Ben Tierney

      Contact: Doug Partie
      dpartie at

      Recurve Technologies Limited
      Contact: simon at

Suggested, but non-existent: (points to a web hosting service)

my sincere thanks to those who helped:

 Olivier Masse
 Patrick Turner
 TAB <am_manufacturing at>
 Rob Alexander
 Ian MacPhedran
 Eduardo Sanchez M.
 Rainer Heilke
 Toby Rider
 Ben Tierney
 Simon Holister
 Jim Southerd
 Mike van der Velden
 Jim Dhaliwal
 John W. Funk
 Louis Machado

hope this helps,			-john
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          "A car."  --  Stephen Northcutt

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Subject: Canadian used Sun dealers

while this kind of thing probably doesn't normally qualify for this
list, there is a serious short term time constraint on this.  can
anyone recommend any dealers in used Sun equipment in Canada for
purchasing or renting from?

thank you,			-john

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