Summary: Jumpstart pauses

Dan Lee koinonia98 at
Wed Nov 21 16:26:52 EST 2001

Thanks the following and anyone I may have missed.
Darren Dunham
Nicole Skyrca
Steve Hastings

Darren Dunham is right...
His initial guess is that...

1) it's not finding the timeserver line in sysidcfg or
2) it can't talk to the timeserver listed.

Normally that gets set to 'localhost', so #2 is pretty rare.
Yes, I did change the timeserver in the sysidcfg file to my boot server ip 
address which caused the problem.   I have changed it back to localhost.  
Everything works great.

Thank again,

>From: koinonia98 at (Dan Lee)
>Subject: Re: Jumpstart pauses
>Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 13:03:40 -0800 (PST)
>I have a Solaris 8 bootserver that can jumpstart 2.6, 7 and 8.   Recently,
>it has became interactive.  Instead of just typing "boot net - install", it
>prompts me for three questions before it becomes non-interactive.  I get 
>following screens:
>Solaris Installation Program     -> prompts me to Continue
>Identify This System             -> prompts me to Continue
>Date and Time                    -> prompts me to Continue

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