SUmmary: Network slows to a crawl between Solaris 2.7 and FreeBSD

Alan Clegg alan at
Mon Nov 26 15:15:21 EST 2001

Unless the network is lying to me again, I said: 

> The symptom of the misbehavior is that any network traffic between this
> system and a FreeBSD 4.4 box starts out fine, then slows to a crawl.

First off, thanks for all of the help!

Sure enough, the QFE interface was 100baseT Full Duplex and the 
connected Cisco switch was 100baseT Half Duplex.

Of all the stupid things, auto-negotiate seems to be b0rked.  

Forcing the switch to Full Duplex seems to have fixed the problem.  I'm
also working on getting the qfe driver up to patch level, but until the 
next scheduled downtime, we can live...

Thanks again to all those that responded.

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