[SUMMARY] ftp slowed on 2.6

Kain, Becki (B.) bkain1 at ford.com
Wed Nov 28 16:16:30 EST 2001

thanks to all who tried to help, esp Roman Pestka, John Julian and Joe Fletcher.  The problem was our connection to our ISP, not anything to do with my recently patched Sun box.

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> Subject:	ftp slowed on 2.6
> I put on the 2.6 recommended patches as of 11.4.01 on a 2.6 box (E250) and large ftp's are now crawling and/or failing.  Has anyone run into the same issue?  I'm just now picking through all the patches to try to figure out which one it might be that is causing the issue.
> thanks
> Becki Kain
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