SUMMARY: domainname

Bob Kryger bobk at
Thu Nov 29 13:39:05 EST 2001

I neglected to search the archives first. Thanks to Lars and Justin.

There is a new patch for this on sunsolve (112138-01)

Of course my solution was to not call ypinit -c at all and write my 
ypservers file myself.

Thanks to all

>Odd one here. But then, they are all odd if you don't expect it.
>The domainname command is exiting with an exit code of 9. Even though it 
>properly prints out the correct domain setting. This is messing up my 
>ypinit -c, as ypinit will exit if the code is not 0.
>truss didn't tell me much so far.
>Any ideas??
>Bob Kryger
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