SUMMARY: ifconfig on Solaris 8

UnixAdmin sunixadm at
Wed Apr 3 01:52:34 EST 2002

Hi Managers,

I received quite a few answers/suggestions regarding
my issue with ifconfig.  I would like to thanks all
who responded and a special thanks goes to Fabrice
Guerini, who suggested changing my entry in
/etc/netmasks from to  I did
this and the correct broadcast address displays after
a reboot.  The other answers/suggestions worked but,
none held after the reboot which I contribute to the
entry in the netmasks.  What's strange is that the
entry for my primary network isn't xxxx.xxxx.0.0 but and the broadcast is still correct
with a netmask of  

Below are the responses I received as well as my
original message.

Thanks again to all who responded.


Rick Place:
Try adding the broadcast definition to your ifconfig
command, i.e.

# ifconfig hme0:1 plumb netmask broadcast + 

The "+" tells it to use the default broadcast address
based on your netmask.

Larry Snyder:
# ifconfig hme0:1 netmask
broadcast + up

Steve Mickeler:
The answer is "man ifconfig"

ifconfig hme0:1 plumb
ifconfig hme0:1 netmask + broadcast + up

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