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Thu Oct 17 13:14:05 EDT 2002

As usual, lots of great replies.
I should have been more specific.  It was the OBP that was
password protected, so I couldn't even get in to "eeprom

Several people sent this link.  It was pretty helpful.

Brent Parish suggested pulling the PROM from another Ultra 10
and then setting the security mode in the eeprom.  This worked, but of
only works if you have another Ultra10 laying around.  I couldn't keep using
PROM chip, so when I put the other one back, I was back to square one.

Fortunately I did have another Ultra10 with a dead motherboard, I pulled the
from this one.  I had to reset the boot device path  (scsi-probe-all,
show-disks, etc..)
But that wasn't a problem.  It's also an older version 3.25 vs 3.31 but that
also is no
I've done OBP updates before.

Everyone else mentioned just getting another chip from Sun.  Apparently this
has happened
to several people.

Thanks to..
J. Firmin, M. Maciolek, J. Andrews, P. Robertson, B. Killion,
S. Mickeler, D. Dunham, T. Fiedler, B. Parish, and asevillab

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I have an Ultra10 we bought from someone.
We can't get ahold of him.  I need to re-install
the OS on it.  But I can't boot from a CDROM because
the eeprom BIOS is password protected.  How can I reset
this?  On PC's I can just remove the motherboard battery
but I don't see anything like this, maybe I'm just missing it.

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