Summary: Booting Solaris from Debian GNU/Linux (Sparc)

Alfredo Sola klk at
Wed Jun 30 07:15:07 EDT 2004


   I wanted to boot Solaris 8 or 9 off the net, using a Linux as a boot 

   What I found out is that, while this is almost trivial to do with 
Linux, it's almost impossible to do with Solaris unless you have another 
box of the same arch nearby where you can follow the book instructions 
(add_install_server et al).

    So I ended up shipping the server back to my office, hooking up a CD 
and booting off CD. This is the solution that most people recommended, 
and now I see it is for a good reason!. Now I have to fix a corrupt 
label (thanks, Debian) but that is another story.

   Thanks to everyone for informative and even encouraging mails!

Alfredo Sola
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