SUMMARY: Additional Memory support on 420R

Tech Guy tek_guy at
Wed Jun 22 10:04:47 EDT 2005

My big thanks to all these guys for their kind response and patience.
Peter Stokes 
Charles Mengel 
John Stoffel
Ken Rossman

The answer is Sun Enterprise 420R can hold max of only 4GB of
memory. My original posting is at the bottom

Few of them pointed
that its not a appropriate question to be posted.
the reason for posting
docs might not be always up to date so I wanted to verify with the experts and
I did not had enough time to browse everything.

I apologize once again if
anyone found this question inappropriate

original posting

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005 Tech Guy wrote :
>I would like
to know the limitation of memory on Sun 420R . Cirrently
>it has 4GB and I
would like to add 4GB or 8GB more to the existing. So I want
>to know if 420R
supports additional memory?
>I appreciate if someone can give
>your advise
on this.
>currently the system has 4GB of memory and four CPUs of
>450 Mhz
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