My right foot, right knee and hips will thank me for it.

Crum vcw at
Wed Nov 29 21:13:24 EST 2006

Let's call her, Betty. They figure that was an opening issue and its probably
resolved by now.
Not a bad place to spend a Sunday. After eating, there we several short
classes to choose from. There are no credit cards to max out.
If you ask a question, they seem to tell you like you are dumb.
I disabled all the toolbars I had.
In this race, I had to keep "resetting" myself.
They wanted to check out the new TGI Friday's.
It was pretty disorienting at first.
Just trying to release the compression in my gut.
My right knee is acting up with the increased training so I needed some rest.
This was the first year for this race so I didn't' know what to expect. Almost
all expect increased revenues from corporate meeting planners.
Going to focus on biking and swimming. I am well outfitted for night running
now. This is another one of those old mining cities that had a full town way
up in the mountains many decades ago.
It wasn't my address.
They wanted to check out the new TGI Friday's. Its over before you know it or
before you get tired. I now get to do a bit of rest for a the next few months.
After the class, all the little kids got toy Hummers to play with. I don't
know what to say.
I will be curious to see how the vote turns out.
Everything takes forever. Its kind of weird but it worked.
So somebody else has a drivers license with my name and a different address.

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