Shared Memory problem...

Gnanagurusamy Gnanagurusamy
Fri Oct 12 05:55:16 EDT 2001

Hi All,=0D=0A=0D=0Athis is regarding shred memory problem..=0D=0A=0D=0AWhen=
 one of our users (shiven) run a tool, the following error displayed.=0D=0A=
=0D=0AError:VMC007=0D=0A=0D=0ACouldn't open shared memeory=0D=0A=0D=0AVmem =
couldn't allocate the required shred memory.=0D=0AUse the ipcs command to c=
heck for shred memeory usage.=0D=0A=0D=0A1% ipcs=0D=0AIPC status from <runn=
ing system> as of Fri Oct 12 15:18:46 GMT 2001=0D=0AMessage Queue facility =
inactive.=0D=0AT         ID      KEY        MODE        OWNER    =0D=0AShar=
ed Memory:=0D=0Am          0   0x50000db4 --rw-r--r--     root     =0D=0Am =
     94201   0x39004070 --rw-rw-r--  bireshk    =0D=0Am     104202   0x3900=
4071 --rw-rw-r--  bireshk    =0D=0Am      95103   0x6a0c3d1a --rw-------   =
shiven   =0D=0Am     116004   0x6b0c3d1b --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am    =
  36005   0x210c3dd7 --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am      39106   0x220c3dd8=
 --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am      34007   0x10c3dd9  --rw-------   shive=
n   =0D=0Am      40608   0x20c3dd9  --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am      142=
13   0x10c3d1c  --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am      15714   0x20c3d1c  --rw=
-------   shiven   =0D=0Am       8915   0x700c3d1a --rw-------   shiven   =
=0D=0Am      14716   0x710c3d1b --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am       3517  =
 0x7c0c3d1a --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am       3418   0x7d0c3d1b --rw----=
---   shiven   =0D=0Am       2319   0x7e0c3d1a --rw-------   shiven   =0D=
=0Am       3020   0x210c3d1b --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am        121   0x=
720c3d1a --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am         22   0x730c3d1b --rw-------=
   shiven   =0D=0Am         23   0x740c3d1a --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am =
        24   0x750c3d1b --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am         25   0x760c3=
d1a --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am         26   0x770c3d1b --rw-------   sh=
iven   =0D=0Am         27   0x780c3d1a --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am      =
   28   0x790c3d1b --rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am         29   0x7a0c3d1a -=
-rw-------   shiven   =0D=0Am         30   0x7b0c3d1b --rw-------   shiven =
  =0D=0ASemaphores:=0D=0As   62849025   0x39004070 --ra-ra-r--  bireshk    =
=0D=0As   26411010   0x210c3dd7 --ra-------   shiven   =0D=0As    9240580  =
 0x6a0c3d1a --ra-------   shiven   =0D=0As    2031621   0x700c3d1a --ra----=
---   shiven   =0D=0As     131078   0x7c0c3d1a --ra-------   shiven   =0D=
=0As          7   0x720c3d1a --ra-------   shiven   =0D=0As          8   0x=
740c3d1a --ra-------   shiven   =0D=0As          9   0x760c3d1a --ra-------=
   shiven   =0D=0As         10   0x780c3d1a --ra-------   shiven   =0D=0As =
        11   0x7a0c3d1a --ra-------   shiven   =0D=0As         12   0x7e0c3=
d1a --ra-------   shiven   =0D=0A=0D=0Awhen we faced the same problem we di=
d reboot and it was solved. how can i clear his shared memory usage without=
 reboot.=0D=0A=0D=0AIs the anybody come across same type of error?=0D=0A=0D=
=0Athanks=0D=0Agnanu=0D=0A=0D=0A =0A

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