How to disable power management of monitor in 2.6

Carlos Carlos
Thu Oct 18 07:32:02 EDT 2001


I have a Sun Ultra 2 running Solaris 2.6 (CDE 1.2) with all the
recommended patches installed. 
I cannot disable power management of the monitor. I have already removed
the power management packages (SUNWpm, SUNWpmow and SUNcpr) as The
Solaris2 FAQ recommends (q5.65) and rebooted the station.  It keeps on
blanking the monitor after some minutes of inactivity. Only if I log in
and desactivate the screensaver it works, but when I log out, it blanks
after a couple of minutes.  I have read the contents of the dtlogin
configuration files but I have not found anything. Am I doing anything
wrong ?

Thank you.

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