SUMMARY: Web Flash vs. custom JumpStart with packages

Husik Husik
Wed Oct 24 13:48:51 EDT 2001


Thanks to Darren Dunham and to John Howard for responding. John's message provides detailed answers
to all questions.  

> > I am prepearing overdue Solaris8 upgrade for a site with some 200 ultras
> > with nearly identical OS requirements.  We were using JumpStart so far,
> > but I hope to make things even easier using WebFlash installations.
> > 
> >   - What are the disadvatages of using WebFlash instead of JumpStart
> > with packages? (considerig performance, ease of installation, maintenance
> > and upgrade issues, scalability)
> Flash uses the JumpStart framework. The difference is that Flash lays
> down a complete system image, rather than pkgadd'ing the Solaris
> components individually. In general, Flash installations are faster than
> traditional JumpStart installations. Flash is very scalable and is very
> easy to implement and deploy.
> Flash is exceptionally suited to situations where you have to deploy
> complex software stacks including unbundled software or software not in
> package form. Flash is also ideal for situations where you need to
> install a large number of systems with an identical software stack.
> My new JumpStart book has several chapters on using Flash:
> >   - Can single archive fit for Ultra-1/1E, Ultra-2, Ultra-4 (E450),
> > Ultra-5, Ultra-10, Blade-100, Blade-1000, or will I have to create
> > separate archive for each one?
> A single archive will suffice.
> >   - Off topic: Solaris minimization: can anybody suggest or refer to a
> > good Sun package cluster list for headless run (without graphic card,
> > CDE, desktop applications,etc)
> Alex Noordergraaf may have this information in his Sun BluePrint OnLine
> article on Solaris 8 minimization:
> >   - Off topic: Any idea if Solaris 10/01 is released? When will it be
> > available for download? Documentation can already be found on Sun website.
> Yes, it is released and the media kits have been shipping. However, it
> is not available for download yet. It should be available for download
> shortly.


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