OEM: Interpreting the Solaris license

Olivier Masse olivier at prosys.ca
Tue Oct 2 10:23:26 EDT 2001


Some of you may know that there is a major reorganization at Sun. Combined
to all the recent events, this slowed a lot things over there, and having
answers to specific questions is really not trivial. Thus I post this
question to the list.

We are an OEM who recently started building Sparc and Intel-based Solaris
machines. However, we are in a deadlock since almost 5 months as to how we
can legally pre-install Solaris on these systems, and Sun hasen't sent us
any contract yet. The free binary license is not transferable, so currently
we must ship the systems without any operating system and request the
customers to install Solaris themselves or go on-site to register/install it
in the customer's name. This is unacceptable.

I wonder what other OEMs out there do to counter this problem, and what
advice you could give us to legally pre-install Solaris on both Sparc and
Intel systems.


Olivier Mass
Spcialiste UNIX, Recherche et dveloppement
Prosys-Tec Inc. Laval, QC
Tl: (450)687-0110  E-mail: olivier at prosys.ca

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