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on Tue Oct  2 14:24:49 "Carlos Jara R." <cjara at> wrote:
 > Hola a todos.
 > =

 > =BFAlguien sabe de una lista de correo en espa=F1ol, que trate sobre S=
 > Solaris?
 > Gracias.
 > =

 > Carlos Jara R.

Which says translates to:
 Hello to all. Somebody knows of a list of mail in Spanish, who treats
 on Sun Solaris? Thanks.

I'd like to follow up with a related query:

Does anyone have resources (list or links) for Sun managers who work in a=

primary language other than English, and/or for Sun managers who need hel=
p =

internationalizing their systems?

I work with a diverse group of graduate students in my university job, an=
d a =

resource on adding other languages to a "generic" English system sould be=

quite useful.

Thanks everyone, Allan

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