Dell monitor with Ultra30

Dhotre, Shekhar Shekhar.Dhotre at
Wed Oct 3 10:53:44 EDT 2001

Hi all, 
    I got ultra30 with Dell (model 1701FP), which was working fine till
    I tried to add another disk. Since then Dell monitor is not coming up
(shows umber light) 
 I did following:     
Added disk 1 
    At ok prompt I see 2 disks (hdisk0 & 1)
    While performing above procedure, somehow dell monitor went off. 
I connected to system via serial (RS232) cable------ laptop- ---windows
   I physically removed second added disk and enabled diag switch from ok :
ok: setenv diag-switc? =  true 
ok:reset .
I don't see any problems while diag runs. 
  After 2 -3 resets Dell monitor started working again. 
  When I connected second disk, again it went off. 
I am able to boot system when I use one disk. And can perform all regular
tasks through HyperTerminal, since monitor is not working I am not able to
install oracle /web logic  and all other apps which requires GUI . Am I
missing something? 

Thanks .

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