Stale File Handlers

Stacy.Nash at Stacy.Nash at
Thu Oct 4 10:23:44 EDT 2001


I had the same problem a while back with an HP box.  I was wondering why the
backups were failing.  After investigating the log files, I came to the
conclusion it was some stale NFS mounts.  When I originally installed the
Legato Networker client on the machine, I did it from our "Jump" server.  I
moved the jump server and had taken it offline.  I had the same dilemma, I
couldn't take the server down.  What I did to resolve the problem is bring
the server (the Jump server) back online, once it was remounted, I was then
able to UNMOUNT the NFS filesystems.  FUSER, restarting the NFS
server/client will not work.

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