binding telnet to port >10000

Gabel Martin Martin.Gabel at
Fri Oct 5 02:41:42 EDT 2001

I know this may be a bit off-topic but I really need your help.
One of our customers shares his LAN with some other companies.
So a VPN was created useing some firewalls who block IP addresses and
Now, one of oure customers need a telnet connection to a other machine.
Since it's not his own network and after some "problems" with the net-admin
the firewalls can not be re-configurated to allow telnet. I suggested to
bind telnet to a 
port >10,000 (listening machine) and configurate the calling machine to
send the requests to (i.e.) port 10,000. I know that the IP addess is not
blocked since
some other application targets the second computer through the firewall. All
above 10,000 are free for communication. But I've no clue how to....
Could somebody help me out....? 
Thanks in advance.


martin.gabel at  

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