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Martynas Buozis martynas at
Wed Oct 10 04:28:33 EDT 2001

Hello !

I have problems with printing over samba form Windows NT/2000 machines.
When I am installing printer, I am getting "Access denied" error. As I
was able to understood, this is because samba changed default way of
printing and I must install printer drivers in print$ share.

Actually I do not want to install printer drivers on samba machine and
would prefer to use client drivers for printing. I was able to find,
that I can use "use client driver" in my smb.conf file, but this key is
unknown for my samba installation :

Load smb config files from /opt/samba/lib/smb.conf
Unknown parameter encountered: "use client driver"
Ignoring unknown parameter "use client driver"
Processing section "[printers]"
No path in service printers - using /tmp
Processing section "[print$]"
Loaded services file OK.

I am using latest samba from (2.2.1a) on Solaris 8. So my
first question is - how I can setup samba, that it will not require
printer drivers on samba machine ?

Another question. I was trying to setup print$ share, but I am not able
to load printer drivers. Simply "New driver" is still gray (I logged in
as printer admin, same user is in "write list" for a share). Maybe I
need to setup something additional ? We have about 10 printers
configured, so maybe I need some extra settings ? This is my smb.conf
file :

   workgroup = TEST
   log file = /var/adm/samba.log
   lock directory = /var/tmp/samba/
   share modes = yes
   security = SHARE
   encrypt passwords = True
   smb passwd file = /opt/samba/private/smbpasswd
   username map = /opt/samba/lib/
   min password length = 3
   load printers = yes
   socket options = TCP_NODELAY
   local master = no

   comment = All
   browseable = yes
   guest ok = yes 
   writable =
   printable = yes
   printer admin = martynas

   path = /opt/samba/printers
   guest ok = yes
   browsable = yes
   read only = yes
   write list = martynas

Any advises will be highly appreciated. I was not able to find proper
solution for this problems on the mailing lists or somewhere else, so I
will surely summarize. Thank you in advance.

With best regards,
Martynas Buozis

Martynas Buozis            Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH
Mail:  martynas at     Haggertystrasse 1
Phone: +49 8161 80 4506    85356 Freising
Fax:   +49 8161 80 3191    Germany

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