Automount and NIS+

Solaris Admin soluser at
Wed Oct 10 07:07:36 EDT 2001

Hi All

We configured a root and one subdomain . Automount tables are populated in Sub domain. We would like to mount the home directories under /user directory but with following configuration it always mount under /home directory

Can any one help on this issue?


client2 : niscat auto_master.org_dir

/net -hosts             -nosuid,nobrowse
/user auto_home -nobrowse
/xfn -xfn

client2 : niscat auto_home.org_dir

suser1 client2:/user/suser1
suser2 client2:/user/suser2

We have created LOCAL credentials in root, for the sub domain users and are able to login with out any probs. However when logging in root domain machines, their automount is not working (user home directory is not getting mounted, it looks things are simply ignored and messages is  No directory! Logging in with home=/), but everything work fine when logging in the sub domain machines

Any help on this is highly appreciated

Thanks & Regards


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