Solstice Disksuite modifying /etc/system entries

khalil.hammid.b at khalil.hammid.b at
Thu Oct 11 12:56:42 EDT 2001


We had a problem with an E450 Oracle Server.

The SUN FSE added the drives and created new submirrors and mirrors, which
synchronized fine.  However, at a certain
point, the oracle database did not come up anymore.

The reason for this was that the ORACLE parameters in /etc/system file were
deleted.  Either the file was overwritten,
or replaced by a new version.  After adding the proper oracle entries again, the
database came up and was running fine.

The Solstice Disksuite Version at this site is 4.2 REV=1998.

The Server is an E450 with 2 CPUs and 6 internal disks

Any idea why this may happen.

Thanks for your feedback.


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