Disksuite - concatenation

Sundaram Sridharan ssridhar at raven.pnu.com
Tue Oct 16 12:27:06 EDT 2001

I have never used Disksuite before, hence I need some help here. One of our
file systems on an internal 18Gb drive (SUN E450) which houses oracle redo
logs and archive logs keeps running out of space. We have an identical 18GB
drive in another internal slot and I want to join them together using
disksuite. The slices on both disks are identically partitioned:
Part      Tag    Flag     Cylinders        Size            Blocks
  0       root    wm       0 -    8       20.71MB    (9/0/0)       42408
  1 unassigned    wu       0               0         (0/0/0)           0
  2     backup    wu       0 - 7505       16.86GB    (7506/0/0) 35368272
  3 unassigned    wm       0               0         (0/0/0)           0
  4 unassigned    wm       0               0         (0/0/0)           0
  5 unassigned    wm       0               0         (0/0/0)           0
  6        usr    wm       9 - 7505       16.84GB    (7497/0/0) 35325864
  7 unassigned    wm       0               0         (0/0/0)           0

I left a 20MB slice originally with the intention of creating a mirror
someday. slice 6 is mounted and contains data. The other drive (c0t2d0)
ofcourse doesn't have anything on slice 6 and it is not mounted. Now I just
want to concatenate these two slices WITHOUT losing data on the mounted
slice. This box runs Solaris8
SunOS hostname 5.8 Generic_108528-04 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-4
and it has Disksuite version 4.2.1

According to UserGuide instructions in the section
"How to Expand a Slice containing existing data (command line)"

#umount /mount_point
#metainit d25 2 1 c0t3d0s6 1 c0t2d0s6
edit /etc/vfstab and change line containing mount_point to
/dev/md/dsk/d25 /dev/md/rdsk/d25 /mount_point ufs 2 yes -
#mount /mount_point
#df -k
#growfs -M /mount_point /dev/md/rdsk/d25
#df -k (to make sure space has been added)

Is this all I have to do? I didn't see any mention of using metadb command
(to create state database replicas) that I saw in the begining sections of
the manual.


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