SunPC 1.3 on Solaris 8 segfaults when displayed on Irix 6.5 (X11 R6.3)

Gary Mulder gary at
Tue Oct 16 12:58:25 EDT 2001

Sun Managers,

We upgraded our SunPC server from Solaris 7 to Solaris 8 (SunPC version 1.3).
When it was running Solaris 7 we were able to display the SunPC window on one
of our Irix 6.5 desktops. Since upgrading to Solaris 8 however the
/opt/SUNWspci/bin/sunpcbinary segfaults every time we start SunPC.

The SunPC window displays fine using the VNC X Server on Solaris and also on
the X Server that comes with DEC OSF1 V4.0 (which is I believe quite an old X
Server version). We only have problems on Irix 6.5 (X11 R6.3).

The Solaris 8 server has the latest recommended patches. I also installed the
latest Sun PC 1.3 patches (110762-03, which required 111293-02 and 110383-01)
with no success. I installed patch 108652-40 (X11 6.4.1: Xsun patch) with the
blind hope it might help (it didn't). 

There was also a bug posted on SunSolve about segfaults due to SunPC font
management with a workaround of adding the following lines to the SunPC.ini 


which also didn't help.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated!


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