Questions about tmpfs

Jonathan A. Zdziarski jonathan at
Tue Oct 16 12:59:45 EDT 2001

We are using /tmp, a tmpfs filesystem, to rapidly create and modify several
different files.  I've noticed though that under times of high physical disk
usage that the programs accessing /tmp also slow down significantly.  There
are issues with lock contention on the temporary files, wait time, and all
the other characteristics of a *physical* disk bottleneck.  I was under the
impression that these kinds of operations should be cached in RAM, and am
wondering then why there seems to be such a performance hit when the disk
gets bogged down with other stuff.

Is there any way to create a tmpfs filesystem that's locked in RAM, or some
way to better tune my existing /tmp so that files created and modified are
performed more in memory than on disk?  This machine has a gig of RAM and
about 800M of that free.


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