Solaris 8 JumpStart server set-up

Richard Zinar richard.zinar at
Wed Oct 17 13:14:34 EDT 2001


When I try to set up a JumpStart server using the
Solaris 8 (01/01) CD, I get the following error message:

sirius# ./setup_install_server /export/jumpstart
Verifying target directory...
Calculating the required disk space for the Solaris_8 product
Copying the CD image to disk...
ERROR: Copy of CD image failed

sirius# du -sk /export/jumpstart/Solaris_8  
550203  /export/jumpstart/Solaris_8

There is still ample free space left on the partition where
the /export/jumpstart directory is located.  Does anyone 
have any suggestions or workarounds?



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