e450 + raid card + boot disk on hardware raid

Manuel Sabu Puthenpurackal Sabu at jos.com.sg
Sat Oct 20 15:46:58 EDT 2001

Hello There

I have a E450 with 1 CPU and 1GB RAM

solaris 7  standard installationn with no special patches

at present the systems is working with 2 internal 9.1 GB drvs both connected
to onboard scsi controller.

I have a sun storedge src/p intelleigent scsi controller
(this is a dpt scsi controller with 3 channels)

I need to move my two disk (9.1 gb) to the new controller and configure
hardware raid 1., 

I am not worried about the data.

can you please advise me on this ?

Is it possible to install the OS into a hardware raid disk ?

how do i create the raid without installing the os ?

can i add additional drivers during the installation of solaris 7

thanks and regards

sabu manuel
sabu at jos.com.sg

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