Dual head settings on Ultra 1's?

Cook, Chris A chris.cook at baesystems.com
Mon Oct 22 10:42:38 EDT 2001

In order to get the second screen on a dual-head Ultra 1 to use 1280x1024, I
have to set the console variable nvramrc to:

	: vsetup "
117000000,71691,67,16,112,224,1280,2,8,33,1024,COLOR,0OFFSET" ;
	vsetup 3
	" /sbus/cgsix at 1" " override" execute-device-method drop

The problem is, on seemingly identical workstations, the parameter to the
vsetup value changes. Often it is 3 but sometimes it needs 6 or even 7. What
exactly does this value refer to and how can I predict it without having to
resort to the trial and error technique previously employed?

Many thanks for any assistance.

Chris Cook
Systems & Software Value Group
Email:	Chris.Cook at BAESystems.com

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