Sun SunScreen Problem: le0 ss_plumb_interface: error 31

the sunlover2 thesunlover2 at
Thu Oct 25 18:21:08 EDT 2001

Hello Gurus:
I got a new problem with SunScreen Lite 3.1 on Solaris 8:

Boot error message:
"plumbing SunScreen network interfaces: le0ss_plumb_interface: error 31"

After the system booted, I tried:
# ifconfig le0 modlist
0 arp
1 ip
2 efs  (Note: This is the SunScreen module)
3 le

# ssadm active
Active configuration: hostname default policy1.1
Activated by admin on Sat Oct 13 12:24:34 2001

# ssadm policy -l

The SunScreen module seems loaded fine. The firewall seems still 
functioning. However, when SunScreen Admin screen started from the browser, 
I could not login as 'admin', and got 'login failed: null' message. (If it 
is a ~~~~~~~~ problem, the message would be 'login failed: login 

Would someone help me on this? Thank you in advance!

Alex C.

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