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Tabrez Shaikh shaikhtabrez at
Sun Oct 28 00:02:21 EDT 2001

Hi sun gurus,
i have setup a LAN consisting of sun boxes (solaris 8
& 7). They communicate with the outside world through
a AR220E router. It has the virtual server feature and
i have enabled settings for  ftp(21), ftp data(20) and
telnet(23), so that the calls are directed to one of
the machines. The telnet is working fine for
connecting from outside to the LAN but i have problems
with ftp. When i try to ftp to the machine (virtual
server's ip) the ftp connection does get established.
However, when i issue any command the system:
1) gives the msg:
>200 PORT command successful.
2) Then seems to hang... 
3) after a long delay gives the message:
>425 Can't build data connection: Connection timed

Did anyone encounter this problem and how was it
resolved? I have searched all possible websites to
seek a solution... but none appears to have any
least in the archives. Please help soon as its a
difficult situation to be in.

Thanks for any help.
Tabrez Shaikh

Research Assistant and Sys Admin
University of Toledo

Tel: 419-471-9079(H) - Please leave a message.
     419-530-8295(W) - Mon, Tues and Wed (9:00 pm - 6:00 am)

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