Netbackup Required Media

Mossey Fahey mossey.fahey at
Sun Oct 28 05:18:18 EST 2001

  Does anybody out there know how to determine, from the
command line, the required media for a restore with 
Netbackup on a client. 

On the client, the java GUI telss you no problem and on 
the server, the /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpimmedia
command tells me, but this command does not exist under the
client. BTW I installed the client by having a trust 
relationship between server and client and pushing the S/W
out from server.

I am assuming that if the client GUI can do it, there must
be a command also.

I am new to Netbackup, so forgive me if I am asking something
simple. I did try to find it in the man pages, but no luck.

I will summarise!!

Regards and Thanks in advance

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