Summary: /dev/ksyms is not a 32-bit kernel

Mark Hargrave hargrme at
Tue Oct 30 11:45:41 EST 2001


I configured the system to boot a 32-bit kernel"

/usr/sbin/eeprom boot-file="kernel/unix"
touch /reconfigure

Thanks to all who responded!

Original problem:

I've recently upgraded our E450 from Solaris 2.6 to Solaris 2.8.
I was also running SunLink SNA Peer to Peer 9.1.

After the upgrade I'm getting the following error when starting
the SNA software:

/dev/ksyms is not a 32-bit kernel namelist

I'm running in 64-bit mode.

The software never starts.

Any ideas on how to correct this problem?  Do I need to bootup
in 32-bit mode?



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