Multi-platform KVM switches

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Tue Oct 30 14:44:59 EST 2001

Folks -

I searched the archives, but didn't see an answer so I'm back looking
for advice.  We're interested in multi-platform KVM switches for PC &
Sun systems (we've got the PC systems already and will be adding the
Sun systems -- likely SunRays and/or SunBlades and/or Netras).  What
brand/model do folks recommend?

It looks like there are a few vendors (NTI, Avocent, Rose, Lightwave) but
I'd like to hear about personal experiences and gotchas with any of these
and which models are the best.  Mostly we would want to connect a single
monitor, keyboard, mouse (intel style probably) to 2-4 PC & Sun systems
(the PCs would be running Win2K, OS/2 and/or Linux).

Thanks in advance,
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