A little off topic. System Migration.

Cian O'Sullivan Cian at logic.bm
Wed Oct 31 08:50:59 EST 2001


Every so often I see a question picking at the etensive and longterm
experience in the group.  Here goes another one. =20

I work for an ISP that runs about 40 different servers (everything from
Debian Linux, Digital Unix, Solaris, Red Hat etc), for everything from
billing, to dsl, to VOIP, etc.  We are looking to move everything to a
co-location facility with the telco.  What I want to know is as

Has anyone dealt with, or created a checklist of sorts for server
service auditing?  What I want to do is be able to migrate as much of
the old Digital and Linux boxes to Solaris.  I would like to create a
report before christmas on the migration, and physical relocation

Any advise, checklists or protocols/policies that people have used that
would assist me would be very very helpfull.



Cian O'Sullivan
Senior Systems Engineer
Logic Communications

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