Patch Manager Install

Wolfgang Schwurack wolf at
Wed Oct 2 18:53:07 EDT 2002

I was wondering if anyone had install and using Patch Manager. I have
tryed to install or run on a few different system but I keep getting
Solaris 8

error on install:
Beginning installation ...
Now installing supporting packages...
        == installed successfully
        == installed successfully
        == installed successfully
Error detected.
Uninstalling PatchPro...

Removal of <SUNWj3dev> was successful.

Removal of <SUNWlj3rt> was successful.

Removal of <SUNWj3rt> was successful.
An error was detected. The installation has
uninstalled. Your filesystem is restored to
its original
state. See /var/tmp/ppro_install_log.259 for

checked log file:
cannot open
file is there and permission are set the same as the other checkinstall
pkgadd: ERROR: checkinstall script did not
complete successfully
Installation of <SUNWjhrt> failed.

on one system the install was successful but pprosetup does not run
error on pprosetup -u user_id:
Problem detected during PatchPro
initialization process. Please check the log
file. Exiting.

checked log file:
file shows all was successful
Installation of <SUNWxxxx> was successful.

thanks in advance!!!

Wolfgang Schwurack
Unix System Administrator
University of Utah/Utah Education Network
Tel: (801) 587-9444

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