nscd and local account login

Sridhar ssridhar at raven.pnu.com
Thu Oct 10 11:35:09 EDT 2002

This SUN E-450 (solaris8) is an NIS client. The other day we took down the NIS
server (a DEC Alpha machine) for maintenance. When the Alpha machine came up
something went wrong and a cron job (owned by oracle, a local account) didn't
run on the SUN machine. Next morning we tried logging in as oracle and
couldn't - note oracle is NOT an NIS account. Logged in as root and found in
'top', nscd taking up a full CPU. We stopped and started it and everything was
back to normal. Note that we use NIS only for user logins and use DNS for name
lookup (I modified just the passwd line in nsswitch.dns as "passwd files nis"
and made it nsswitch.conf). I would like to prevent this from happening in
future - any ideas?


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