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THNX a million
There is saying in urdu "late come but correct" ;)

well better for next time.

THNX again
"Westland G. [DH]" wrote:

> Muhammad,
> My apologies but I only just picked up this thread. Just incase it happens to you in the future...I went through this very same issue and actually found that if I put an entry for root into my NIS passwd tables then I was able to login via that account make the edit and then remove the root entry from NIS tables.
> Obviously depends if you have NIS or NIS+ working.
> Greg
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> Hi there THNX a lot for trying to help me out on this.
> > Hi, I have an ultra 30 system on which solaris 8 is installed.
> > unfortunately the path for shell in passwd file is entered
> incorrectly.
> > After going through all the archive possible The obvious solution to
> the
> > problem is getting the system to boot from a cdrom or floppy.
> Unfortunately There isn't any solution (other than hacking) rather to
> simply take the system to ok prompt and boot it from CD and then mount
> the root partition and edit the passwd file.
> but in my case;
> > My problem is that I am using tip hardwire over serial port to connect
> > to the affected system. When executing "stop+A" the host system goes
> > into ok prompt instead of the affected. is there any sequence for
> > this.(tried different combinations with the tilde).
> All suggested that I issue the "~#" to send a break or the alternate
> "~<ctl>B". None worked. Y ????????????? that's the billion $ question.
> The problem was that in the /etc/system file some one had given the
> following env variable string "set abort_enable=0" which tells the
> system to ignore break signals whether issued through key board or
> serial. (correct me if wrong). This often done when connecting over
> serial console so to avoid  the system to break when the console is turn
> off.
> So I really had to take the hard disk out and mount it on another
> machine and then edit the passwd file. ( which I was tying to avoid
> strongly)
> The moral of this scenario is not to run from your fears. Face them
> boldly forth most    ;)
> I really appreciate uall for the efforts and thought fullness. specially
> to Casper Dik and Carl Gobbo who also suggested a all new tool for
> connection over serial lines (
> Thnx again for being there when needed.
> Muhammad Kashif Siddiqi.
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