scsi parity errors

rlegate at rlegate at
Mon Oct 28 11:27:07 EST 2002

Not having any luck finding anything at Sunsolve and the search engine is down.

I'm getting parity error messages in /var/adm/messages:

server1 raid:  [ID 702911 user.error] Parity event Host=server1 Ctrl=1T92576496 Dev=c1t5d0

Rm6 manager reports the following:

Parity Repair Range:
Block Begin: 0
Block End: 141102911
Number of Block Repaired: 172316

We are running 5.8 and Oracle 9.2
2 Raid 5s with two filesystems: u01 and u02, 1 RAID 5 each.  We lost u01 on the weekend and managed to get it back after cold-starting the array and running fsck.

Rob Legate
780 498-6540 cell

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