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Cian O'Sullivan Cian at
Mon Oct 28 14:34:12 EST 2002

Just so people know, the boot device is listed as disk0:a disk net

My concern is that at this point when I do a probe-ide, my HD and cdrom are
defined as SECONDARY, when in fact they are sitting on the master bus.

This is not making sense to me.

If someone could help clear the air on this I would be most grateful.


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in the eeprom if you type printenv it will show u where the boot disk is

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I have duplicated my files system on a V100, using a prtvtoc | frmthard;
installboot; ufsdump|ufsrestore  etc etc.

Everything worked out fine, except for one small item.  The IDE bus ID's
switched themselves.  Now when devices are plugged physically into ide0 they
come up as being into ide1 and vice versa.  Now if I try to plug a second
drive in, the system thinks it is the master on IDE0 and tries to boot off

I am clearly confused as to exactly how the boot order is defined/declared.
If someone could help clear up this cloud I would be very happy.


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