Investigation of memory leak

ilya.birman at ilya.birman at
Wed Oct 30 16:42:08 EST 2002

Hello Sun Gurus,

I need assistance investigating memory usage.

I have a single V880 with 4 GB of RAM running a custom app.
After machine boots up and application starts there is about 3,5 GB of free

Few weeks go by and machine has 40 MB free RAM.

staff to add all the memory used by processes.

The most I get is Application is using 1,3 GB and everything else is 300mb

Where is the rest of the RAM?!!!!

I can see they allocate a large change of shared memory

2147483648      max shared memory segment size (SHMMAX)
but upon IPCS review, there is not much in it at the moment.

Can someone please tell me how to investigate in more detail and further on
please. I would also appreciate information on tools I can use.
I would like to find out, where the memory goes to hide.
Will summarize

BTW, It is not PICLD memory leakage.
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